The two-day workshop event will bring together in one place, a line-up of wonderful speakers and presenters who will present on current modelling practices and/or advances made in their field of expertise as well as discuss techniques of integrating models and Modelling results.

The following is a list of the presentations to be made at the workshop. Abstracts of available presentations can be viewed by clicking the title of the presentation in the Table below.

All the presentations made at the workshop have been compiled into a single PDF document. If you would like a copy of this document, please click here.
If you would like to view or download the presentations by session, please see the links below:
Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, and Session 4.

Presentation Title Presenter Organization

Presenting On

A Quick Look at Current Air Quality Modelling Being Undertaken by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development in the Context of Cumulative Effects Management David Lyder
Sunny Cho
AESRD March 14 Download
A Vision of Enterprise Spatial System for Supporting Environmental Modelling Chiadih Chang AESRD March 13 Download
Air quality modelling for multimedia assessments and associated challenges Mervyn Davies Stantec March 14 Download
An overview of evaluations to support contaminant load management for the North Saskatchewan River Darcy McDonald AESRD March 14 Download
Application of Lagrangian Modelling in Urban Areas Richard Leduc AirMet Science Inc March 13 Download
Conjunctive Optimization of Demand and Supply in Integrated River Basin Management Models Nesa Ilich Optimal Solutions Ltd March 13 Download
Cumulative Effects Modelling in the South Athabasca Oil Sands Area Sarah Depoe AESRD March 14 Download
Discovering the Possible: Tools for Collaborative Learning and Improved Outcomes David Hill University of Lethbridge March 13 Download
EFDC_DSI/EFDC_Explorer Modelling System - Use and Applications for Alberta Paul Craig DSI March 14 Download
Groundwater Flow Model Development for Cumulative Effects Management within the Athabasca Oil Sands Margaret Scott WorleyParsons Canada Ltd. March 14 Download
Impacts of Climate and Vegetation Changes on Streamflow and Water Balance on Headwater Stream in Southern Alberta Vinod Mahat University of Alberta March 14 Download
Keynote Speech Anil Gupta AESRD, CMO March 13 Download
Opportunities and Challenges of Integrated Watershed Hydrology Modeling Patrick Delaney DHI Canada March 14 Download
Linking Air Quality and Watershed Models Krish Vijayaraghavan ENVIRON March 13 Download
Modelling coupled natural/human systems for environmental resource management Danielle Marceau University of Calgary March 13 Download
Modelling for Climate Variability David Sauchyn University of Regina March 14 Download
Delft-FEWS: An operational model integrator Matthijs Lemans  Deltares - USA March 14 Download
Multiscale Modelling of Mountain, Forest and Prairie Basin Hydrology in Alberta using the Cold Regions Hydrological Model John Pomeroy University of Saskatchewan March 13 Download
Numerical Modelling in Support of Provincial Groundwater Inventory Program Amandeep Singh Energy Resources Conservation Board March 14 Download
Prototyping a tool for integrating Regional CEMS data, information and quantifying effects! Robert Magai AESRD March 14 Download
Simulating Hydrological Behaviour Under Environmental Change in Alberta Stefan Kienzle, PhD University of Leithbridge March 13 Download
Assessing the Cumulative Effects of Alberta’s Land Uses using ALCES Brad Stelfox University of Alberta
University of Calgary
March 14 Download
Southern Region Modelling Initiatives Kent Berg
Tom Tang
AESRD March 13 Kent Berg Download
Tom Tang Download
Using Models in Water Management: Philosophy, Principles and Practice Dan Sheer Hydrologics March 13 Download
The Importance of Modelling for Bringing Biodiversity into Land-use Planning Hugh Norris AESRD March 13 Download
The Use of Mechanistic Models for Water Quality Management Tim Wool US EPA March 13 Download
Water Resources Management Using Coupled Models in Alberta and the U.S. Andrew Parker Tetra Tech March 13 Download