Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Environmental Modelling Workshop 2013

Central Modelling Office (CMO)

A Central Modelling Office (CMO) has been established in Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) with a mandate to coordinate modelling work in the Department so as to provide assurance to our internal and external stakeholders that modelling in ESRD adheres to standard guidelines and criteria. This will ensure modelling work is done in a cumulative effects based manner with acceptable science rigour, credibility and transparency.

Workshop Objective

Past small-scale modelling workshops which have been organized by various teams and Communities of Practice (CoPs) in the Department were focused primarily on a particular media and/or process. In order to achieve cumulative effects based modelling, it is crucial that opportunities are created to bring all media specific modellers on a common platform to garner better understanding of other media specific modelling underway so as to determine how various media specific modelling efforts can be integrated.

This workshop will provide a larger forum and opportunity to bring together various modelling practitioners, policy analysts, decision-makers and environmental managers as well as environment critics to shape the future of environmental modelling in the Department. This will be accomplished by showcasing current modelling practices/work and brainstorming on modelling needs. Participants will also discuss ways of developing more comprehensive integrated modelling systems that will cater for the immediate and future needs of the Department.