Regulated Drinking Water in Alberta

Alberta Environment is committed to working with partners to assure safe, secure supplies of drinking water for Albertans. Alberta Environment regulates municipal systems that serve over 80 per cent of the province’s population, about 2.75 million Albertans. The rest receive their water from systems that are addressed by Regional Health Authorities (RHA), Alberta Health and Wellness, Federal agencies or Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. More...

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The water quality information on this website is collected by Alberta Environment and Parks under regulatory requirements to operate a waterworks system. This is public information, however, it is not the most current available in time due to reporting schedules. Most information here is 30 to 60 days previous, and older.

You are advised to contact either your water provider or Alberta Health Services to determine current water quality for your waterworks system, specifically if there are any advisories in place. If available, service provider contact information and websites are available under the Contact Information link (at the top) once you select a waterworks system.