2010 Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Program Results

Initial, unaudited compliance results for 2010 show that companies have made 6.4 million tonnes (MT) of reductions to date through operational changes and investing in verified offsets created by other Alberta projects.

Read the news release news release (May 3, 2011)

IEmissions Savings at Facility: 0.02 MT

Companies made improvements to their operations that resulted in 0.02 MT of reductions up to their required emissions reduction target. For example, a facility could have achieved reductions by increasing their on-site energy efficiency.

Fund Payments: $70.0 million

Companies paid approximately $70.0 million into the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund, which will be invested in projects and technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta (this amount covers 4.66 MT of reductions required based on the current rate of $15 per tonne).

Alberta-based Offset Credit Purchases:  3.86 MT

Following protocols approved by the Alberta government, emissions reductions that occur in Alberta outside of the facilities that are subject to the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation are eligible to generate emissions offset credits. In 2010, companies submitted 3.86 MT worth of offset credits, which were verified by a third party.

Emission Performance Credits:  1.96 MT

Large emitters that reduce their emissions intensity beyond the 12 per cent target are eligible to generate emission performance credits. In 2010, 1.96 MT of emission performance credits were submitted for compliance purposes.

How total reduction results are calculated

The 6.4 MT result is calcualted by adding together emissions savings at facility (0.02 MT) together with offsets submitted (3.86 MT) and recognition of cogeneration (2.55 MT).  Note that figures are rounded for presentation purposes.