Alberta Environmental Monitoring Panel

In January 2011, a group of independent experts were chosen to help create a world-class environmental monitoring system in north-eastern Alberta that spans across all areas – air, land, water, and bio-diversity – which would then be expanded province-wide.

The Alberta Environmental Monitoring Panel delivered its recommendations to the Minister of Environment on June 30, 2011. Read the news release.

Recommendations can be grouped into the following categories: governance, data management, funding, scientific oversight, implementation and working with others.

The full report with 20 recommendations to government can be downloaded below.

Read the news release.

Below are audio clips from the news conference. Minister Renner and panel co-chairs, Dr. Howard Tennant and Hal Kvisle, spoke briefly about the recommendations and answered questions from media.

Clip one: Panel co-chair Hal Kvisle speaks to the panel's expectations for a world-class monitoring system for Alberta, starting in the oil sands region.

Clip two: Hal Kvisle speaks to Government of Alberta compliance monitoring, stating that sophisticated programs are already in place. He notes that the panel’s expectations are a step change from good to extraordinary monitoring.

Clip three: Panel co-chair Dr. Howard Tennant speaks about the performance of government monitoring to date, noting Alberta's history of excellence

Clip four: Minister Renner discusses the relationship between the federal and provincial governments with respect to monitoring roles and responsibilities.

This report makes recommendations for the establishment of a world class environmental monitoring, evaluation and reporting system to be managed by Albertans for Alberta. A key recommendation is the creation of the Alberta Environmental Monitoring Commission to operate at arm’s length from government, regulators and those being regulated. The Commission would be responsible for the strategic direction, scientific focus and on-going operation of the proposed environmental monitoring system.

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