High River - Highwood River, Baker Creek and Little Bow River - Flood Hazard Study

Community Town of High River
Municipal Distict of Foothills No. 31
Stream Highwood River
Baker Creek
Little Bow River
Basin Bow River - 5B

This study delineates flood hazard areas and determines design flood levels along an approximate 31 km length of the Highwood River through High River. The design discharge for the Highwood River ranges from 750 m³/s at the upstream study extent to 650 m³/s at the downstream extent. Included in the study area are lands flooded by overflow from the Highwood River into the Little Bow River via Baker Creek and the Little Bow Canal, along approximately 3 km of Baker Creek and almost 1 km of the Little Bow River. The flood hazard mapping in a portion of the overflow area and along the Little Bow River is currently under review by Alberta Environment.

The Highwood River has its headwaters in the Highwood Range of the Rocky Mountains. Flooding in the study area generally occurs during the open water season as a result of major rain storms, often in combination with early summer snowmelt runoff. High flows are most likely to occur in May or June.

A digital representation of the flood hazard maps prepared as part of this study can be viewed using the Flood Hazard Map Application. For more information regarding specific flood hazards in your community, please contact Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development by email at aenv-flood.risk-maps@gov.ab.ca.

Flood Hazard Study Details
Study Status Final
Study Name High River Flood Risk Mapping Study
Study Author Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta
Study Date August 1992

Flood information available after study completion may not be reflected in the current study report or flood hazard mapping.

Provincial Designation Details
Designation Status Pending

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